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Meet CJ Henius

Philosopher and Minister of Metaphysics.

Dating back to the writings of Aristotle, Metaphysics teaches the understanding of the fundamental nature of reality.

From the time C.J. was a child she would question why others around her would doubt the psychic messages that the unseen would offer. She was perplexed that others didn't see or hear in the way she did.

Being a born philosopher, she regularly sought to discover what underlies our illusionary reality. It was this quest that led her to become a Metaphysical minister, teacher, channeler and an emotional healer. She has earned her Ph.M, Doctor of Metaphysics from the College of Divine Metaphysics and holds an instructor's certification from the National Society of Hypnotherapists. She has spent 30 years assisting others to find their way improving their mental attitude through this modality.

As a mystic C.J. is able to help people in psychological pain so they can have emotional healing. As a Spiritual teacher C.J., with her soft guiltless nature, has been able to teach about beliefs and how they affect your life. She shows you how the disowned selves, which reside in the unconscious, support old beliefs.
She believes that there are dysfunctional families everywhere on our planet and that negative thinking must be owned in a non-shaming way so there can be emotional clearing.

C.J. has channeled Maya since 1989. It was a request to the heavens for an ancient teacher that led CJ to this channeled being.

This cosmic connection has taught C.J. all about inner child writing which brings inner child healing. She has watched as hundreds and hundreds of people heal from learning the nature of the ego's reasons for the blockages that have delayed emotional and spiritual healing.

As a psychological intuitive she is able to pick out our emotionally wounded fearful thoughts. C.J.'s mission is to stimulate a person's awareness so that their physical, mental and emotional life is enhanced and brought into alignment with their spiritual purpose.

C.J. Medical Intuitive

C.J. Vennard works her healing in the Human Energy Field. Her research and hands-on experience led to the creation of the Life Force Healing System, a magnetic energy course of action that encourages mental, emotional and physical alignment. Through her ability to communicate with the unconscious mind, she goes deep into the cellular and muscular levels to access the emotional blockages that keep people from attaining perfect balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Vennard is a magnetic field healer, an emotional healer, and a medical intuitive. She holds a Doctorate of Metaphysical Philosophy, a Doctorate of Divinity, and a Metaphysician. She is the great grand - daughter of the world-renowned German scientist Carl Gauss, whose work in the late eighteen hundreds centered around the natural and man-made magnetic fields and its effect on illness. His Gauss meter, an application measuring the level of magnetic field emitted by all common electrical appliances and equipment is an integral part of our plumbing, electrical and building industries.


Maya has lived many lifetimes and she understands what people’s limitations are, as well as their karmic learning. She teaches the teachers, healers, speakers, writers, and those who wish to become clear of their unconscious blockages so they can do their purpose work here on earth.